ISB – How I Learned to Stop Stressing and Love the Term Break

ISB puts you through the wringer, beats you up, and spits you out on the other side with a few bruises and memories to last you a lifetime. I wrote these while I was at ISB (Co06) and thought they were so representative of the extremes most students experience on the roller coaster ride that is the year at ISB. Two very different days:

A day in the life - B School Hell Week

Finals after a month and a half of constant (....well maybe not quite constant) studying. It’s surreal how fast the first term at ISB flies by. In the words of Prof.Waterman, we’re being tested on material that an undergraduate would cover in 60 hours and we have to cover in just 10!

I’m going to be really honest and say I have no clue what I’m doing here. Not sure how many of my classmates agree with me but it is intimidating, unnerving and exciting beyond belief to be in the company of such brilliant minds.

Some of us are taking this extremely well if the barrage of spam planning trips to the city and reminding people to watch Kill Bill is anything to go by. Others have hit the books harder than I thought they would. I seem to be an anomaly - doing neither.

What amazes me though is how generous people are, sharing study notes, explaining impossible concepts, setting practice tests. I would be lost without them. The only fear now is that I may be lost in spite of them.

Another Day - Almost perfect

I have just had one of the nicest, most relaxed days at ISB. Woke up slightly out of sorts (read – hangover after an awesome party) and haven’t done anything substantial since then…but that’s probably why I feel so relaxed. Doing absolutely nothing (where procrastination isn’t a factor) is a rare luxury at ISB.

And the weather…oh the weather was perfect. The sun was out, not a grey cloud to be seen, and the breeze was so cool, like a perfect summer day should be.

It was quite a day at ISB - cricket, Ultimate Frisbee, tennis, even trips to the gym! Everyone made the best of it – playing sports all day, reading on the lawns, late night walks, the works!

I played badminton after AGES...I’d missed it terribly. Then watched a couple of episodes of Friends with A, a movie with G, went for a walk around campus, gossiped with people, went for another LONG walk with E, ended up at SV1 around mid-night listening to and singing old hindi songs under the stars. Such fun and to top it all the sky was perfectly clear and thick with stars…An almost perfect day.

The highs and lows, the drama and angst, the joy and pain – this big jumble of emotions made up one of the most exciting years in our lives and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Shipra Bhansali, Co2006

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