10 Simple Joys of ISB Life

  • At any given point in time, there are several interesting things happening on campus that merit one's attention. Our advice to you is, take time out to celebrate these 10 simple joys of life at ISB:

    1. Walk along the ISB ring road early in the morning

    2. Get a good workout in the gym at the Rec Centre

    3. Sit with a cup of coffee in Atrium and enjoy the breeze

    4. Read magazines back-to-back on a range of subjects, from the economy to nature, from cars to photography, and more, in LRC’s magazine room

    5. Listen patiently and appreciate inspired arbit CP!

    6. Trek into the wilderness behind SV3 to sight peacocks and other wildlife

    7. Grab a moment of peace at the “ISB dam”

    8. Learn Yoga in the evening at SV4

    9. Visit the Roof Garden to get a 360-degree view of the ISB campus

    10. Party at '08 Lounge and dance till sunrise